Heartfelt.  original.  Fun.


The MCW Experience is what our clients, their guests, and our fellow creative colleagues take away from working with us.  We approach every wedding uniquely because no wedding should ever be the same.  You will never get the “been there, done that” attitude from us because we understand that even though weddings may be similar in style, our clients’ personalities are what create a fresh experience every time.


This is the formula we use to match you correctly with your creative team.  We want your wedding planning process to be as stress-free and fun as possible.  Our goal is to match you with the creatives that will make the process smoother and “get” you and your vision.


No one is more important to us than our clients.  We want to make sure that you are comfortable every step of the way.  Wedding planning can easily turn stressful but with our attention, meetings, and planning tools, it will be seamless and fun!  On wedding day, we make sure our clients are happy and satisfied.  We want to see those happy tears! 

Part of the MCW Experience is making sure your champagne glass is never empty, that your lipstick is flawless, and your bow tie is never crooked.


Your guests are very important people too! Lets face it, if they didn’t matter you would elope, right?  Through the planning process, we want to create an expectation for your guests.  That all starts with your Save the Date cards.  We want to keep them excited!  On the wedding day, we make sure that your guests are satisfied with their food and service.  We make sure to guide them throughout the venue and if anyone looks lost or confused, approach them and help them.  We want your guests to feel welcomed and cared for.


We love working with a great team of creatives.  It is easier to “work” when you are working with people you love and admire.  We want to make sure that every vendor that works with us feels like they have our support.  When producing a wedding, team work makes the dream work every time!